Partnership and Accreditations

Think Fast Training produces knowledge-sharing platforms -- a place where collaboration is the glue that binds people together.

Think Partnerships offer an opportunity for corporations to become a part of Think Fast’s culture of innovation. Being a Think partner means more than just buying ad space; it means building lasting relationships, engaging with the future and asserting yourself as a visionary corporation.


This Training Partnership specializes in providing accredited learning programme. However, our learners do their theoretical training at Bolae Building or even at their respective workplace as per prescripts of the law. All the programme, whether Learnership or skills programme, Soft Skills and Unit Standards as per Client request, have been designed and developed with the aid of highly respected academics and specialists in specific fields.

Training is one of the most expensive but vital investment any company can make with the hope that the intended profitability margin would be achieved.

The truth is that, most training sessions are like throwing buckets at the high wall and hoping that the paint will stick in the right place, but a productive training session is only possible if and only a fine tipped brush that targets the nooks and crannies of each person's job specific learning needs is identified. In addition, a work based to evaluate whether a training intervention has yield the results, so we at Our Training Partnership we follow the Diamond Training Model That Enhances clients return on investment.

Often, employees turn to believe that an under performance can be fixed by a training engagement but other deliverables like mentoring and counselling might be the optimal solution. For instance, if the sales representative is rude, we offer a training service, we execute a training that may not make a person polite, so before we offer a training needs assessment is conducted to determine whether training is the optimal solution.

The next stage after motivating the learners is to deliver the training beyond the expectations of our trainees. Talking to people in a classroom style setting is probably one of the most ineffective ways of helping them to learn. That is why so many people learn the most in the shortest possible time in all our training events. Our trainings are structured around the careful mix of different learning techniques that include:

DELIVERY The last stage of our training engagement with our clients entails a work-based training investment evaluation progress. This is important stage and is often overlooked by most training providers reviews the outcomes and benefits of training events.

The review centres on checking any change in employee's behaviour, ability to apply skills learned into practice, improvement in work performance and possible areas of development. Over the year we have discovered that in certain instances, lack of change in employee's productivity. If we discover this during our appraisal process, our dedicated and customer orientated division will be there to rescue the client.