ThinkFast Virtual

At ThinkFast Virtual our approach to working with clients is centered on the creation of a partnership. We partner with our clients, often becoming an extension of their staff to help them achieve their goals. We develop strategies & provide marketing services for Small, Medium, Retail and Growing Businesses. We empower your ideas bringing them to reality, to take your brand to the next level.

At Thinkfast Virtual we work hard in creating a connection between your brand and your target market. The most important thing is to identify the platform to reach your market. It is important to keep your market well informed whatever the platform. Thinkfast Virtual’s marketing strategy is to keep and enhance your market share through our effective and tailor-made proven marketing strategies through platforms that we see go along with your brand.

Creative Web Design & Development

The growing importance of websites in marketing communications has made savvy B-to-B marketers take notice of just how powerful a tool a great site can be for customer communication, prospect conversion and establishing a leadership position within an industry. As websites have evolved from static pages to content-rich destinations to personal user experience portals, their role in marketing plans have become more important. Within the pages of our proposal, you’ll see that THINKFAST VIRTUAL approach to web development involves the key elements of design trends tied directly into direct marketing testing and data to enhance the user experience. This single tactic makes our approach unique and quantifiably more effective.

Thinkfast Nation Ambassador’s Program

We train our brand ambassadors to SELL your brand and represent it WELL. Our “SELL WELL AMBASSADORS” are called the “THINKFAST NATION CREW”. Thinkfast Virtual is well aware of any companies’ desire to reach National status so our main focus is to do our level best to help you reach that goal!

Brand Ambassadors:
We match the specific look and feel of ambassadors to your brand. Our client’s choices vary from Industry Leaders, Celebrities to Experts in the field or trained ambassadors. Hostess/Promotional Personnel: Our Hostess’ / promotional staff are trained to know and sell your products of the highest quality.

At Thinkfast Virtual we pride ourselves with the level of professionalism, planning, creativity and execution that we handle all our brand activations – big or small! We execute concepts and ideas that talk directly to the desired target market.
-We consult with our clients as we Conceptualize the most creative ideas possible.
-We invite the RIGHT audience and target market to your launches.
-We target decision makers with he right theme & concept.
-We manage the logistics of the activation.
-We manage and negotiate with suppliers for the most cost effective prices.
-We execute the event with professional precision.